Apple DJ’s & Jeb Havens – I Need Love
01 Jul 2016 | Dance


Apple DJ’s & Ryan Sage – Fly to Dubai

Apple DJ’s & Ryan Sage – Fly to Dubai

This song throw the magic of Dubai, the capital of the world, entertainment and luxury.
Excellent agreement between the captain and the lyrics in the song that complete perfectly into a real dialogue between the parties. This is the newest and perhaps the most important feature of this project signed Apple Dj’s and Ryan Sage.
All in a persistent groove that make “Fly to Dubai” a real song that smells hit with international sounds.
On Wi Music Records, new label with Partnership SAIFAM, that is destined to be talked about herself.
We are ready for boarding, and you?
Label: WI MUSIC RECORDS / Mastered at GLOBE Studios

Simone Zaccuri

febbraio 5th, 2016

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