Apple DJ’s & Jeb Havens – I Need Love
01 Jul 2016 | Dance


APPLE DJ’s is a dance music project formed in 2008 by the italian djs/producers Simone Zaccuri, Stefano Zandonini and Marco Zandonini.
work at a series of mash-ups, but in June present to the biggest Italian dance radio “M2O“their most important mash-up between 2 most artists of dance music: DAFT PUNK and YVES LA ROCK.
On September 27, 2013 present their first single “Me vuelve loca” – Danceandlove Records
Then work to remix project BOM DIA – NOCHE BUENA in collaboration with TOM-E (rapper of “BELLA VITA – DJ ANTOINE”)
On December 10, 2013 present the official remix of the “PAUL KENNEDY FEAT. SHAKA LISH – I’M CALLING” – Danceandlove Records

Present a new hit single in February signed UBIG & APPLE DJ’s “Everybody In the Club” – The Saifam Group Records

On march in collaboration with UBIG sent two unreleased tracks to the world famous artists “SPANKERS” that will include in their latest album “PARTY TIME“.

The Apple DJ’s realized different remixes of the best international artists: Corona, Haddaway, Queen, Pain & Rossini, etc …
On April 5, 2014 in collaboration with Holiday Boys release a Italian experimental dance track – Coccobello – The Saifam Group Records
On November 4, 2014 release one of the most important official remix of Apple DJ’s career: Desaparecidos, Lanfranchi & Farina Vs Raf Marchesini Featuring Claudia Serdan – Gipsy Song – Universal France / Saifam
March 20, 2015 in collaboration with Ryan Sage present a EDM song sung by the talented Jeb Havens, American songwriter of great level, – Turning it Up – Hitifnders Music Group / Saifam